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Senior Scientist/Engineer I – Heterogeneous Metals Catalysis

About Solugen:

Solugen, Inc. is a revolutionary technology company seeking to use biology to transform the chemicals industry. Solugen was founded in 2016 and is a post-Series B venture-backed startup company supported by renowned venture capital firms including Founders Fund, Fifty Years, Refactor, and Y Combinator. Located in Houston, Texas, Solugen is currently scaling up its manufacturing facility to use its chemienzymatic process to manufacture biobased chemistries for water treatment, agriculture, and personal care. Solugen currently has 110+ full time employees.


Solugen’s mission is to decarbonize chemicals manufacturing. As a first step, in 2021 Solugen built a 10,000 tpy first commercial plant with the potential to offset up to 37,000 tpy of carbon dioxide equivalents. This role will directly support Solugen’s mission by continuously improving Solugen’s core catalytic platform. As the activity, selectivity, stability, and manufacturing cost of Solugen’s core catalytic platform continuously improves, the quality of Solugen’s products and our cost to manufacture improve.

Key Outcomes

  1. Perform fundamental materials characterization studies by enhanced phys.-chem. Analysis (TGA, TPD/R/O, XPS, SAXS, SEM) supported by external cooperation partners
  2. Optimize the scaled-up manufacturing of the current catalytic platform to qualify the Gen 3.0 catalyst
  3. Explore new supports, binders, modifiers, and active phases to qualify the Gen 3.0 catalyst on benchtop and pilot reactors, and at commercial scale
  4. Apply the current state-of-the-art catalytic platform to the development of new biobased processes in Solugen’s pipeline
  5. Set up of new analytical equipment
  6. Set up of a new test reactor
  7. Contribute to different explorative R&D projects

Key Competencies

Job Specific

- Advanced graduate training in the synthesis, characterization, and/or application of novel heterogeneous catalytic materials towards green chemistry

- Familiarity with advanced catalyst characterization techniques including HPLC, GC, BET, CO chemisorption, PXRD, SAXS, TEM, SEM, EDX, ICP, TGA, XPS, DRIFTS

-Expertise in the systematic Design of Experiments

-Analysis and interpretation of kinetic data and curve fitting of microkinetic models

-High output research and development

- Good communication, negotiation, leadership, and project management skills with the desire to further develop these skills as the company grows.

- Commitment to safe workplace goals and practices that ensure operational integrity, including compliance with all regulatory policies and procedures.

- Good familiarity with Office products as well as a general level of comfort with online communication and work management platforms such as Dropbox, Google Doc, and Slack.

- Analytical approach to problem solving, with a focus on managing a team environment with attention to results and a sense of urgency.

Company Specific

- Ask a lot of questions, be curious, and have insights into your work

- Be nimble, embrace the speed and ambiguity of startup culture.

- A passion for green chemistry and fighting climate change.

- Ability to self-manage and set your own priorities and schedule.

- Be comfortable working in multiple roles.

- Emphasize safety above all else.

- Respect for others.

- Creative problem solving.

- Willingness to learn and research new engineering/science concepts.


Masters or Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science or related field with high quality research output in the field of heterogeneous catalysis